Because Hunger Doesn’t Take the Weekends Off…

N.E.W. Backpack buddies provides food every weekend to children who are identified as ‘food insecure’ by teachers and guidance counselors at each school. The bags contain kid friendly food for the weekend meals and snacks. There are approximately 400 children receiving weekly bags from North East Wake Backpack Buddies.


Support us at the Wake Forest Buddy Run – Sept 16, 2017

Join us for this family friendly even supporting the North East Wake (NEW) Backpack Buddies program.  Whether you are a walker or a runner, you can enjoy this event and support the children of our area with food that they would not otherwise have.  See here for more information:

Feed Local Children

North Carolina has one of the highest percentages in the United States of children 18 years of age who are food insecure on a regular basis: in N.C. over 1 in 4. (26.1%) Your donation provides our local hungry children a bag of kid friendly food for the weekend meals and snacks.

You can make a difference…

  • $10.00 donation will feed a child for a single weekend
  • $90.00 donation will feed a child each weekend during a quarter of the school year
  • $360.00 donation will feed a child every weekend for an entire school year

Current Food Drive Needs

  • Above is a list of needed pantry items. Please ensure items are packaged as
    individual servings.  Due to the design of the program, we cannot accept family size and/or non pre-portioned items. Thanks for your understanding.

Any brand or flavor of the items pictured above is welcomed.

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